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We provide complete estate planning, management and administration services. We are convinced these actions must be carried out in a respectful, personalized and impartial manner by professionals you can trust. Gravel CPA and Option Succession ensure your final wishes regarding your estate are respected through our expert services in estate planning, asset liquidation and testamentary trusts.

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Estate planning

Avoid unpleasant surprises

Estate planning is important, especially if you own sizeable assets or have investments in different companies. We examine your financial affairs and family situation to establish a strategy adapted to your needs, such as determining whether you should create a trust. We analyse various scenarios to determine their impact on after-death income tax payable. The most advantageous scenario can then be incorporated into your will. Gravel CPA has the expertise to help reduce the income tax burden of your estate and heirs by applying specific death-related laws included in the Income Tax Act.

Estate management

Make sure everything is in order

Several administrative documents must be filed when settling an estate. Gravel CPA, in conjunction with Option Succession and collaborating notaries, has the expertise to file all the documents related to the estate. For example, we can handle all aspects of a bequest to a minor and monitor a testamentary trust.
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Liquidation of your assets

See to their well-being

When executing a will, you must be aware of the fiscal obligations associated with the estate. Do not burden your heirs with debt and make sure you implement a strategy for liquidating your assets. Gravel CPA, in conjunction with Option Succession and collaborating notaries, can help by handling the following estate administration tasks :
  • Help prepare a notarized inventory
  • Settle the debts of the deceased
  • Assume the interim administration of the estate’s assets
  • Close the deceased’s accounts
  • Prepare and file all income tax returns of the deceased and of the estate.
  • Submit documents to obtain the necessary clearance certificates
  • Distribute the estate’s assets

We can give you peace of mind knowing that your heirs will not have to bear the burden of administering your estate alone.

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