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A three-stage process

To ensure the best outcome


Gathering information:

Our tax experts work with you to gather all the relevant information so that your tax returns are complete and all possible deductions and credits have been included. We use personalized forms to make sure nothing has been forgotten.


Tax analysis:

Our team then analyzes your business or family structure, your previous income tax returns and taxable profits/surpluses, and all tax deductions that apply to your situation. This allows us to optimize your tax situation.


Presenting the plan:

We prepare your income tax return and suggest on how to maximize deductions in the future. We go beyond simply producing tax returns. Our fiscal support services help you make the most of the deductions you’re entitled to.

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Personal and
corporate taxes

Get the most from your tax returns

Preparing corporate tax returns can be a real headache. This also holds true for professionals, the self-employed and personals who own multiple assets. The end of the fiscal year can quickly become a nightmare. That’s why we do more than just prepare your tax returns. Gravel CPA goes above and beyond to conduct a thorough analysis of your tax situation and optimize your deductions.

Corporate restructuring

Maximize your potential

Have you ever wondered if your corporate structure is optimal? Should you incorporate, establish a trust, split income or grant bonuses? Our tax experts are there to help with these complex tasks. We analyze your company’s organizational structure, profits and financial statements to recommend the best corporate structure for you. With Gravel CPA, you won’t have to wait any longer to make the most of your tax deductions.
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